Our Work

MAMAH’s mission is to improve food & nutrition security, and incomes among poor communities – specifically targeting women and children both in rural smallholder farmer communities as well as the urban poor.

Programmes & Projects

MAMAH has three major programs (ALIVE MAMAH, THRIVE MAMAH, & School Lunch program)

ALIVE MAMAH focuses on improving food and nutritional security among communities as well as the general health of the women and children.
We train women in the production and consumption of a wider variety of foods, increase nutritional knowledge, and improve food preparation & preservation methods that enhance diet choices. We train them in book keeping, and basic financial management.

We train groups in the rearing of insects for food and feeds. Insects are a rich source of both Human and animal protein and are a viable solution to malnutrition and hunger.

Insect rearing Training

THRIVE MAMAH focuses on women economic empowerment;we train & support women to start income generating projects to earn an income so that they can meet their needs.

SCHOOL LUNCH The school lunch program aims to improve the nutrition of school going children through the fortification of the monotonous maize-based porridge. We support the establishment of school gardens of nutritious foods like mushrooms, Amarantha and Moringa and the rearing of edible insects that are used to fortify the school meals.

Every young person needs an adult ally – as a mentor, or as a role model; I do not only feed the body but the mind as well – with advice and inspiration.